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Around the Village

Culcheth Hall Drive spacer

This is Culcheth Hall Drive. One of the most desirable addresses in the village, there are well-appointed and spacious modern homes built during the 1950's and 1960's to each side of this tree-lined avenue which was originally the thoroughfare to the old Culcheth Hall.

The carriageway and homes encircle an undeveloped rectangle at the top of Culcheth Hall Drive, a feature known locally as 'Lollipop Hill'. Does anyone know why?
Culcheth High School Culcheth High School - alma mater to many of the visitors to this site and current centre of incarceration to others. The school has an excellent reputation, evidenced by the distances parents are prepared to send their children just to attend. The school takes pupils from all three local primary schools, plus pupils from Birchwood, Stocking Lumps, Croft, Cadishead, Glazebury and Leigh.
The school is constantly updating itself. A dedicated Maths block was completed just a few years ago and a new college block for the ppost GCSE students is under construction at the moment.

Opposite the High School is Shaw Street Playing Fields, home to local football and rugby teams, plus an unhealthy crop of feckless teenagers on summers' evenings, and dog-walkers a-plenty. The Culcheth Lions football team play and practice at Shaw Street, as do the Culcheth Eagles Rugby League team.

There are on-site changing facilities and a large car park, albeit treacherously riddled with puddles of suspension-wrecking depths. The field is often used for social events such as the village bonfire (sorely missed over the last few years) and community days.

A "Skate Park" was added to one corner and has proved to be remarkably fire-resistant, despite the best attentions of the non-skating users that seem to abide there with their hair-dryer powered mopeds.

Shaw Street

Lych gate Newchurch Parish Church
The picture above is of the Lych Gate at the entrance to the Parish Church and a opposite is a view of the church itself. This church is the the New Church that gave a large part of this area its name (see History page) but this incarnation dates from the early 20th Century after the previous building was totally destroyed in a fire.

This is Culcheth Hall Farm, as seen from the main road near the High School. It stands on the grounds of what was the old Culcheth Hall, at the top of Culcheth Hall Drive. Culcheth Hall Farm

Swinhoe House Swinhoe House was on the corner of Hob Hey Lane and Wigshaw Lane, until it was demolished in 2005 to make way for a new housing development adjacent to the Little London estate. Just a few short years ago, this was one of the most attractive properties in the village.


This is the old Independent Methodist Church located at the junction of Hob Hey Lane and Common Lane. It is a distinctive brick-built building that is no longer used as a church but is one of the most recognisable 'landmarks' in the village, with it's creamy-coloured walls with Cheshire-red brick detailing.

It is no longer used as a church and has recently been converted to a private house.

Methodist Church
Methodist Church And this is the Methodist Church on Ellesmere Road, just 100m from the Village Green. It has many members of all ages and is the location for many activities such as the Warrington 19th Scout group, the Brownies and the Guides. Also there is a Play Group held there every other day.




These are the delightful, and deceptively large Newchurch Model Cottages, once part of the Newchurch Hospital complex but now in private ownership as family homes. These houses were extensively re-furbished during the 1990s.

Newchurch Cottages

Newchurch Hospital spacer

Most of the old hospital buildings were gutted and completely refurbished by the developers and sold on as homes and apartments as part of a larger development at this north end of the village. This old orphanage building is now a series of private cottage-apartments.

Golf Club
Leigh Golf Club - situated in the north-west corner of the village