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The Linear Park

Entrance The Linear Park has been created from the disused cutting that once carried the the Lowton-Manchester branch line of the local railway network. The park is mainatined by a Ranger Service who have their base at what was the old Culcheth Station.

The Entrance to the Linear Park from Wigshaw Lane

Wigshaw Lane bridge Old path in
Above: The recently strengthened Wigshaw Lane Bridge.

Opposite: The old ramped footpath linking the long-gone Culcheth Station with the bridge at Wigshaw Lane

old platform The platform and buildings were cleared away in the 1960s, and few traces remain of what was once a busy station, linking the village with the industrial towns to the north and to manchester and beyond, via the village's second station at Newchurch Halt, at the south-east extreme of the village (See Map)

A childrens' mosaic has been created at the foot of the stone wall shown in this photograph, but it is often overgrown and overlooked by many visitors to the Park.

The Linear Park offers a level, comfortable walk of approximately 2 km, to where the line once crossed the main Manchester-Liverpool line. There are several side-paths feeding off to other parts of the village.

The wide, flat area of what was the station yard is now a popular picnic area and favourite haunt of the viillage's dog walkers.

Picnic Area

pathway Linear Park

The eastern end of the park is tended less than the western end, and feels much wilder, and features narrower paths that meander through the cutting as it edges towards Newchurch Halt and the mosslands.

There are several benches carved from felled trees dotted along the length of the Park.... Carved bench
bench and stones ...ranging from small 2 or 3 seaters up to large 'works of art' size wood sculptures...
...and there's a few strange trees along the way!

oak tree